Ilze Bebris
Ilze Bebris artist and sculptor

My art practice centres on installation and sculpture, employing everyday materials and manufactured objects to examine the experience of contemporary urban life and the tension between the natural and the artificial. I am interested in the language of materials, the meanings and discourses created by their history and use. I am particularly interested in how changing environments shape our notion of place and identity.

A parallel series of installations and sculptures loosely titled "Unruly Bodies", are investigations into the construction of feminine subjectivity through language, text, myth and materials. This stream of work has expanded into a larger exploration of corporeality and the representation of the body.

Process is essential to my making. I am constantly improvising with my chosen materials, a bricoleur of sorts. Thinking through the materials, I disrupt the grid of meaning of everyday objects and materials. My work is an inquiry into the various ways of knowing the world, the way we construct the world around us in relation to how we imagine it. My works reflect discontinuity and shift, encompassing experience of the material world and the realm of the imagined.